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Sammy Hagar

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  • This is Sammy’s second album after he went solo. It is definitely worth buying. This is the album that his hit song “Red” came out on. It contains great ballads like “Catch the Wind” and “Little Star/Eclipse” along with hard hitting hits like “Cruisin’ & Boozin’” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend.” It shows the great talent that comes out of Sammy when he gets out on his own. His awesom vocal range coupled with his song writting abilities come out in this album.

    Posted on January 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a Sammy fan since the Montrose days. His solo material stands the test of the time and keeps getting better. Van Halen needed Sammy much more than he needed them. He saved their butts from oblivion.

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  • Sammy Hagar’s second solo album is his first true rock album on his own, and it’s white-hot. Heavily influenced by Ted Nugent and the Outlaws, this CD rocks hard and never quits until it ends. The best song here is “Rock & Roll Weekend”, but there are plenty of other goodies here as well. Hagar’s advocacies of sanctions against Indonesia in retaliation for that country’s trumped-up 2005 drug-smuggling conviction of a young Australian tourist, increased funding for law enforcement/community policing, and capital punishment or life without parole for kidnappers make SAMMY HAGAR an essential purchase for both your ears AND your conscience.

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  • (*****)Perfect
    (****1/2)Almost Perfect
    (***1/2)Very Good
    (1/2)Almost Worthless

    1. Red -4:06- The greatest song that Sammy Hagar ever wrote. (*****)

    2. Catch The Wind -4:35- The worst song on the CD, but still not bad. (**)

    3. Cruisin And Boozin -3:08- Good song, but nothing special. (***)

    4. Free Money -3:58- Slow in the start, but the pace picks up after that. (**3/4)

    5. Rock N Roll Weekend -3:10- Great song, but it’s way too short. (****)

    6. Fillmore Shuffle -3:45- Not a bad song at all, but far from a good one. (**1/4)

    7. Hungry -3:06- Good song, but it’s not long enough to be rated any higher. (***1/4)

    8. The Pits -3:07- Unspectacular, but still fun to listen to. (**3/4)

    9. Love Has Found Me -3:51- All around good rock song. (***1/4)

    10. Little Star/Eclipse -6:10- Possibly the best slow song I’ve ever heard. (***1/2)

    OVERALL= -39:01- My favorite Sammy Hagar album ever. (***3/4)

    Posted on January 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I first saw Sammy Hagar when he opened for Boston in 1978 in my hometown. After a disappointing opening, Sammy tore the roof of the arena with “I Guess Love Has Found Me” – from this album! From there on out, Hagar OWNED the audience; when Boston was ready to come out, the audience was still shouting, “Ha-GAR! Ha-GAR! Ha-GAR!”

    Since then, I have been a devoted Hagar fan; he is probably the most lyrical, most MUSICAL of all the hard-rock masters extant. Between this album – known as “the Red Album” – and “Nine on a Ten Scale”, you’ll get the complete picture of how Hagar’s career took off after Montrose.

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