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  • I usually don’t listen to this type of music, I am more into metal, goth, prog rock and jazz-fusion, but for some reason, after giving this CD a try in a local Hot Topic store (sometimes I actually buy their clothes), I was totally blown away by it, and I had to buy it, and I must confess I was unable to remove it from my car CD player for at least 3 weeks, although I still love it and listen to it often.
    Pointing out details about every single song would be pointless, but I think they are all good: the songwriting is far, far more advanced than everyone else in their genre, the singer has an amazing voice, the musicianship is good, especially the drummer and the singer…. what impressed me is the fact that every song stands up on its own, making it difficult to pick a favorite, although I have to say that I’d have to give my vote to You’re Not Alone, due to the almost proggie-AOR oriented, very melodic chorus line and song arrangement.
    Every song is infectious, has killer hooks and melodies, and beautiful chord progressions like I haven’t heard in a looooooooooooooooooooooong time in a metal-oriented act (the last CD this good I can remember totally falling in love with was Images & Words by Dream Theater) and grabs the listener with its honesty and very refreshing hooks (those hooks sure are important).
    On a final note, what’s also refreshing about this band, is the fact that the CD leaves you with a nice aftertaste, one that has the flavor of “there’s still room to improve, but this was a hell of a performace already”….in my musician career (25+ years of listening to and playing music) I can’t point out many bands who can actually do this.

    Posted on December 5, 2009