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  • Alice In Chains accidently outdid themselves here…. SAP, although only having 4 songs, is MUCH better than Jar Of Flies, Tripod, and ranks near Dirt’s level….. each song is nearly perfect…. Brother is chilling, and one of my favorite Alice songs ever…. Got Me Wrong IS the greatest AIC song ever….. Right Turn is awe inspiring, and features Chriss Cornell and Mark Arm… Am I Inside is the most creepy song on this album, but it still rocks. Even Love Song (the most annoying song Chains has, only because after I finish listening to SAP for the sixtieth time, an array of belching, sniffing, and flatulence starts playing….Heeeheeeheeee) is great (because it is HILARIOUS!). I’ve listened to this FOUR SONG EP pretty close to 1,000 times…. more than I’ve spinned the rest of ALice In Chains’ CDs combined (even Dirt). I don’t know WHAT attracts me to SAP, but it’s one of the masterpieces of music, and it’s worth your 9 dollars! BUY IT OR YOU ARE CRAZY!

    Posted on February 23, 2010