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Sardonic Wrath

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  • If you expect surprises with Darkthrone you are are mistaken.It’s black metal no more no less. That is not to mean that it is one dimensional or boring.Nor is it trying desperately to fit any of the cliques that have appeared in black metal (progressive, pompous, “necro”,etc).Darkthrone show that it is possible to take influence from any kind of music and still make quality music without sounding like those influences.
    Perhaps the reviewer who gave this three stars expects too much from Darkthrone as we all do from the true quality bands. I always feel disappointed by new Slayer or Morbid Angel albums simply because they have produced such monumental music before-their average is another band’s best album ever.And Fenriz’s lyrics are brilliant-dark, metal but not overdramatic or dumb.Just quality.

    Posted on January 21, 2010