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Sardonic Wrath

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  • This album is actually quite good!! No it’s no Transilvanian Hunger (my favourite BM album of all time), but we don’t get another one of those, ever. This album is raw, black and atmospheric. Just the way we like it! Amazing how a band can achieve so much with so little. It’s so stripped down, and has a really good old-school feeling to it. 1st generation black metal and hardcore punk, but with atmosphere. They don’t need the boring electronic intro though. This is the first “modern” (post 96) Darkthrone album that I really get into, and I am pleasantly surprised. I’m gonna buy it! Maybe even the t-shirt too! Darkthrone is by far the best black metal band ever. Yes their classic period is behind us, but if they keep on making records like this one, I’ll stick around! If you like quality old-school black metal with a retro-feel, buy this baby.

    Posted on January 21, 2010