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Sardonic Wrath

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  • ok first off, the “Fred Dursts Biggest fan” guy shouldnt even deserve to listeon to music. To say that these guys pose to be METAL (not medal u dumbass)is crazy. This band was around long before Limp Bizkit and they are two totally differnet types of music. the things that guy types are so stupid “they should write songs about being mad at parents and lookin cool” that i actually think it was a joke. i hope to a mercyful god that he was joking, becuase if there is a mercyful god and he wasnt joking, he will smite this retarted dumbass now…(no offense to actually retarted people)

    i just had to get that out. anyway, on to this latest Opus from black metal heros Darkthrone. this album is pretty great. the vocals stay true to the old school ways and i really love this band. anyway, later, DEATH TO PEACE

    Posted on January 21, 2010