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  • I’ll try to keep this short, but it’s hard with such an amazing CD. Here’s a quick description of the tracks:1. Set it Off: Amazing guitar riffs, and outstanding vocals. Perfect introduction.2. Alive: If you don’t already know and love it, come out from under your rock.3. Boom: Equally as good as Set it Off, but with a much different tune.4. Youth of the Nation: Eerie beats and a solemn teenage choir-fits the song perfectly.5. Celestial: A cool, instrumental interlude.6. Satellite: One of the best songs, with great lyrics and a cool alternative background.7. Ridiculous: An odd, fast-paced reggae-rock song featuring Eek-A-Mouse. I personally don’t like reggae, but I love this catchy song.8. The Messenjah: Perhaps my favorite, this track features pure words combined with an adrenaline-pumping heavy metal beat.9. Guitarras de Amor: A happy little guitar interlude.10. Anything Right: Though it starts out much like Alive, the melodic violins and swaying vocals make this a unique song. Features Christian Lindskog from Blindside.11. Ghetto: At first I didn’t like this slow tune, but I soon realized the powerful lyrics that balanced it out.12. Masterpiece Conspiracy: I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s my least favorite song on the album. (Although I do admit I like the odd ending.)13. Considered an interlude, it is really a fast-then-slow-paced punk song including H.R. from Bad Brains.14. Thinking About Forever: A mellow yet incredible song.15. Portrait: A peculiar mixture of different styles of music.If you haven’t heard this album yet, get it!!!Got to go.

    Posted on January 23, 2010