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  • This cd without a doubt shows that POD’s capable of so much more. Yes, all of Sonny’s rapping is still in tact, not to mention his trademark scream, but in comparisson to their last album, there’s a whole lot more singing. The songs are still as aggressive (if not more) as ever when they’re suppose to be and the softer parts hold their ground and make them so much more dynamic through contrast. The beauty behind this cd is that it is a sound that’s real. It all comes together quite well. Taking a stand and expressing their feelings and beliefs that doesn’t sound like some fake put on angry sound or the other extreme with really panzy flaky music. A problem that many spiritual groups seem to stumble into. To me it takes on a stand that there are things to look forward to in life. That God is constantly watching over us. And it’s all done with a confidence that just seems to say to me that POD’s out there with their priorities in life. God plays a huge factor in their day and yes, they do go through their problems but because of their faith, they overcome them. POD reveals who they are and don’t feel like they need to prove anything to anyone because it’s already so real in their hearts. This cd is definitely worth checking out, I was skeptical because I never got into their last cd but this time around they’ve really gotten a bit of everything in there, rock, metal, rap, hip hop, spanish guitar, tribal and even some strings and a childrens choir. I’m not saying that you’ll fall in love with every track because I myself haven’t yet, but it looks like this’ll be one of those albums that can grow on you the more you listen to it. My personal favorites so far are: Set It Off, Alive, Boom, Satellite, The Messenjah, and Portrait.Set It Off: Kicks off “Satellite” with a driving intro, the song goes back and forth with having quiet verses that sound like they came out of “Tribal” then to a very aggressive chorus that sounds like an order to start a riot.Alive: Great rock guitar work and a very uplifting over all sound, where the solid girth of the overall tone make it sound confident and true in the lyrics.Boom: The intro sounds like one of Rammsteins new songs (track 8, I don’t know the german name for it). Lots of palm muting guitar work and I myself get a kick out of the “boom!” yelled during the chorus.Youth of the Nation: This is a deep song as it does summarize the truth concerning many troubled incidents that take place at schools across North America. Dealing with suicide, and the shootings. The instruments sound like something that Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit would’ve put together. It ends with a childrens choir singing the chorus.Celestial: An instrumental piece. It sounds good but I find myself skipping this track as it repeats itself over and over again.Satellite: I can see Maynard singing this chorus. The verses sound like it is a cross between “Set Your Eyes On Zion” and parts of that Offspring song “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” This song has great progression as it builds itself into the chorus very well.Ridiculous: This song’s got a raggae sound. Not my cup of tea but it works.The Messenjah: This is a great song. It’s one of those rally around the cause kind of songs. It’s got a very aggressive full sound overall. Once again though, the clean work makes me think of Limp Bizkit.Guitarras de Amor: This instrumental just sounds cool. Without a doubt, it’s a spanish guitar piece.Anything Right: This one reminds me off, Metallica. The way the band itself plays, not mention the string arrangement that immediately makes me think of “S&M”.Ghetto: It builds up eventually but seems to drag a bit too much. It’s got a hint of Alien Ant Farm riffs in it.Masterpiece Conspiracy: A good song when I’m in the right mood.Without Jah, Nothing: Crazy punk song with histerical yelling. I can’t figure if the guest vocal’s voice is extremely funny or just annoying.Thinking About Forever: A quiet and sobre piece based on reflection. One of those songs that those who have lost a loved one can really relate to. With the whole terrorist thing that just happened, I’m sure that those who lost their mom’s would feel this one out.Portrait: Taking a bite out off religion and putting a personal touch on Sonny’s interpretation of a Jesus that’s a reality in his life. All done in a very no nonsense and aggressive manner. Great Song.

    Posted on January 23, 2010