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  • I borrowed P.O.D’s “Satellite” from a friend and I really did not expect much at all from it. I had thought “Fundamental Elements” was a decent CD but nothing great. Anyway, I was really blown away by this CD the first time that I listented to it. It is full of all different types of music (ie “Ridiculous” and part of “Without Jah, Nothin’) so do not expect an album that sounds like something Korn would release. The CD starts out with the catchy “Set It Off”, and it does exacly that to this CD. “Alive”, the first single, is next. I was not into this particular song the first time I heard it, but I have grown to really like it. “Boom” takes over next, and it is a great track that keeps the CD rolling. It is sort of like “Set it Off” part two in it’s message and it’s style. The chilling “Youth of the Nation” is next. This song is pretty much just a freestyle rap song, but it’s lyrics are really..chilling and the end with the children singing the chorus is really well done. The filler “Celestial” is next. It is better than the fillers off of “Fundamental Elements” but it is still..a filler. “Satellite” is next up, and it could likely be the next single. I am pretty sure this song is inspired by the unfortunate death of Sonny’s mother. This particular number is a nu-metal staple. “Ridiculous” is the next song up, and it really slows the tempo of the CD. It is a funky sounding reggae tune, nothing like anything on a Limp Bizkit or RATM album. It’s really woth listening to though. “The Messenjah” is a great all out rocker, but it’s nothing really special at all. It sounds alot like the title track but it’s not quite as good. “Guitarras de Amor” is the second filler, it’s just the guitarist playing some Spanish-sounding thing. “Anything Right” is a nice stellar song that really sums up the CD up to that point. It is full of great screaming and angst. “Ghetto” is an ok song, but it’s the low point of the album. “Masterpeice Conspiracy” is a fast paced rock song that is really good. The guitars are somewhat like a RATM song. “Without Jah, Nothin’” is one of my favorites. It starts out like an all out punk rock song and turns into a mellow reggae piece. This song was really well thought out and the result is great. “Thinking about Forever” and “Portrait” are both decent song, but they are at the end of the album for a reason. All in all this CD is a great buy, and anyone who is even slightly interested should pick it up.

    Posted on January 23, 2010