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Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

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  • “Satisfaction…” is one of the finest Hardcore albums ever produced, and it IS Hardcore. Not metal, not metal-core…you can get away with calling it Thrash if you’re REALLY high, but when you get right down to the nitty gritty, its Hardcore, full of piss and vinegar. Bands like this and Blood for Blood, Strife, etc, get a bad rap for writing too mufch about what they hate. I guess using music as an outlet for what concerns you, and what things in life bring you and those you love down should only be left to pre-Vietnam era Blues and late 80s-early 90s era Rap then, because alot of those artists do the same thing, just in a different medium. None are all that bright and smiley, and often they tend to consit of alot of negative views, but sometimes the world just isn’t that bright. Hatebreed just so happens to deliver this style of Hate Edge Hardcore faster, louder, and in many ways better than most of their peers. This is one of the greatest Hardcore albums I’ve ever heard.

    Posted on February 13, 2010