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Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

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  • This doesn’t mean its bad, its simply mainstream. I mean, they dont bother tagging those on unless it is a widely known band. Hatebreed are not fanpleasers, great live, and have strangely undertstandable vox on this album. They’ve got the emotion many bands with the same formula lack, and thats what set them apart from others. They’ve got the feeling of hxc and the temps of mxc. It’s not so much a blend of the two, but their own interpretation of both. This is beyond mediocre, but its not going to blow you away. They have more talent but this is the sound they like and their slight maturing of their sound is what keeps them going strong. This is what people see as a defining album, but its nothing of the sort, it simply excels at what its set out for. Breakdowns designed for the mosh it seems, if you get into it.

    Posted on February 13, 2010