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  • I admit, I first heard of Breaking Benjamin when their single “Polyamorous” was released on the radio, and that is what initially drew me to them. After downloading the CD in its entirety, I was floored at how much I liked the band. While the instrumentation isn’t spectacular, and the lyrics aren’t amazing, everything blends together perfectly leaving listeners with a very solid rock performance.

    I Wish I May- 4/5 Great beat, very nice guitar riffs, and a good heavy sound.
    Medicate- 5/5 Great use of the lead singer’s voice, I love the feel of the song.
    Polyamorous- 5/5 The first BB song I heard remains one of my favorites.
    Skin- 5/5 Oh so catchy, great lyrics and great music.
    Natural Life- 5/5 Not too keen on the intro, but the rest of the song is fabulous.
    Next to Nothing- 4/5 Much softer than the other songs; Ben has a great voice.
    Water- 4/5 The intro is very different, but fades into a reliable beat and wonderful lyrics.
    Home- 5/5 SO ORIGINAL!!! This is probably one of my favorite songs on the CD. Who knew a song about The Wizard of Oz could be so awesome?
    Phase- 3/5 I never got into this song much, although I love the guitar and bass parts.
    No Games- 4/5 Another softer song, really emotional with soft instruments and words.
    Sugarcoat- 5/5 Very strong, catchy intro. Wonderful vocals and effects, and nice screaming.
    Shallow Bay- 4/5 The music and the lyrics flow together so well, it’s a great song.

    Posted on February 1, 2010