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  • “Saturate” is definitely the best chance I’ve ever taken on buying a CD. I had only heard “Polyamorous” and a couple others and gave it a shot. Best 8 dollars I have ever spent. I’ll go through it song by song.1) Wish I May – sweet opener, very hard2) Medicate – an instant favorite3) Polyamorous – the single – not the best song on here but a great song4) Skin – my favorite song on the album – one of my favorite songs ever5) Natural Life – has a sweet opening and awesome guitar later in the song 6) Next to Nothing – softer than the songs before it…its amazing7) Water – hard opening, kind of angry8) Home – really grows on you, sweet chorus9) Phase – intro is awesome and just builds up and explodes…sweet song10) No Games – kind of like Next to Nothing…really good song11) Sugarcoat – soft singing…screaming…its all balanced out…its really good12) Shallow Bay – good song…I like the ending a lot13) Forever (hidden track) – Best ending to a CD I’ve ever heardThis band is kind of unnoticed and underappreciated…I’d love to see what they do next and I hope it comes soon. I bought this cd in November and it hasn’t gotten old one bit….its a rare catch

    Posted on February 2, 2010