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  • If you ever take time and listen to new music and sound. The difference in some bands truly stand out. These for such bands as:
    breaking benjamin

    And in some many, if not all cases taproot and chevelle.

    1: I wish I may -
    Good intro and first track for a unknown band with youv’e never heard of them. Gets you used to his sound and how the beat will be. Hard and heavy, with ryhems that build up like a good movie.

    2: Medicate -
    Opera like. Simple as that. A voice that just goes up and up. In my eyes a great song. Anything that alters the mind will alter your opioion on the song for the better.

    3: Polyamorous -
    Hey it’s the only radio song they have(on this cd), radio song is what it is, catchy as heck, made you want to buy the album, most attractable song that makes you curious. And not a bad one even at least. Good song,video even cooler. You would of never guessed that the voice of Ben, is what you see in him. Sound doesn’t fit guy, makes even that much better. In what he can do with his voice.

    4: Skin -
    Very melody and structure is fantastic. Very lyrics, crip in hi voice. One of those songs, that can’t explain, however not the best, but makes the album that much better. Great Middle and not a filler song.

    5: Natural Life -
    3rd Best song on the album. Great sound, great guitars, haunting voice. NATURAL LIFE!!! His voice is incrediabe, just works. You either like it, or you really hate it.

    6: Next to nothing -
    Great lyrics, great buildup, really get into the song. Not the best beat, not till maybe middle and then towards end of the song, when (next to nothing, and in between that and the next set up lyrics, sounds awesome)Great balance.

    7: Water -
    AWESOME.Tied with 2nd Best song! Moves along at awesome drum and beat, and then the lyrics grab you and then takes you along for even more of a beat that works with you and sounds freaking fantasic!

    8: Home -
    Mind Blowing, one of those songs that makes it mark as memeroble and non-forgetable. This is the 2nd best in tie as well. However this would win the tie, can’t mess with the SOUND and LYRICS. Never knew I cared for the Wizar of Oz till now, don’t. But do respect what the meaning is coming from movie, as the movie does. Except BB puts it in mind trip and alice and wonderland world. Home is what dreams and nightmares create. It is one of best songs ever..Over statement..nah..Just my personal feeling. This is what M.J.K speaks of in reference of thy third eye…HOMMMMMEEEE!

    9: Phase -
    BEST SONG!!! Works in contrast to ever little thing that makes the other songs as not the best. Just everything is perfect on this song. Take 10 Classics and role them up in one song, its Phase. Lyrics incredible, if not simple in some eyes. But those are some eyes..not all..Intro is brilliant, the build-up is clever suspense and the end of the story and realization makes heavy yelling music pale in comparsion. Ben is not yelling, hes singing his heart out, pure emotion. ITS JUST A F##$I*G PHASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    10: No Games -
    Another addition that you can sing along, doesn’t stand out. Very (we are not alone here; not my favorite album. Just not as complex as Saturate) Great, but not fantastic. Is them, but not all mountains contain gold.

    11: Supercoat -
    Pretty dang good song, quite impressive. Lyrics work insync with beat. Heavy, emotion filled and Breaking Benjamin All the way. Bottom of top 5!

    12: Shallow Bay -
    Makes me feel great, great everything. Just works, his voice again blows me away on this song, curious and intersting all in one. You feel it as what it is, no b.s. Beatiful ending for a powerful album..yes begining of the end….

    13: Forever
    Nice…indeed..perhaps precursor to Rain and Just forget it on ‘We are not a alone’. Great lyrics, great voice..

    Overall if you understand my conception and view upon this band and album; you’ll like such music as well. Great first record, maybe a Gem of an album. We are not alone is great and advanced; however isn’t the same BB. Perhaps just a stall, it happens, and isn’t bad. How many albums can you say from one band stands out above all them? BB came out like a shot to the skull, and then slowly started to repair itself. Sometimes bands are not as good the first go around, (taproot, not bad, but nothing like blue sky research is) but some get it on the first record, aka Saturate..

    This cd works, and is one of the all-time greatest, in my eyes and perhaps others. However I’m not you and your not me, so may be different. Either way, worth a listen if you like things that are mixed or different in a way that catches you off gaurd and is not a copy and or varitian of another band.

    Tell me another band that has the same beat and same voice and same structure as BB does? I can’t compare Tool with no other band either, even APC. Tool is Tool..Breaking Benjamin is Breaking Benjamin.

    Just from album to album, hoping for more cosistency, can’t wait till end of summer 06′. New album, and Ben’s reassurance of the difference of we are not alone and saturate, not saying will be like Saturate, however saying not going to be like We are not alone either. But more of what we got in saturate, then in we are alone..Sounds Good to me..

    Enjoy the music out there guys, nice to share my view on this great band.

    Now let’s all just go home…

    Posted on February 2, 2010