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  • I realize that I’m just another of the many 5 star reviews for Breaking Benjamin, and I generally don’t bother saying basically the same thing as everyone else. I had to make an exception with Breaking Benjamin, because this is simply the best CD I’ve ever heard in this genre. I had no idea that simple, straightforward rock could sound this good. They do nothing ground breaking aside from the fact that they just plain rock. The lyrics are simple, and the guitar playing is fairly basic. However, the lead singer’s voice is just amazing and every riff on this CD is good. Also, a rarity nowdays, the song Polyamourous is an excellent representation of this band. A really cool riff, basic but cool sounding lyrics, and just straight up rock. The lyrics, whether sung or screamed, which doesn’t happen very often but are great when utilized, just sound sensational. Every song on this CD is better then 99% of anything you will hear on the radio. Also excellent is that fact that you can find this CD for 10 bucks! Please, I beg you to support Breaking Benjamin and go out and get this CD. I can’t wait for the next release!

    Posted on February 2, 2010