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Saturday Night Wrist

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  • It’s been a long time since we last heard from the Deftones. Too long, as a matter of fact. After dropping 2003’s less-than-amazing self-titled album, the band pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth. Despite the fact that not even a year after that album came out, it was announced that they were recording a new album, trouble still seemed to be brewing in the Deftones camp. In fact, the way they would tell it in their own words, in interviews and such, they nearly broke up. But, together with production from legendary producer Bob Ezrin (who they ditched half-way through) and Shaun Lopez (guitarist and vocalist for Revolution Smile/ex-Far) the Deftones overcame adversity and have overshadowed just about anything you have heard all year. Yes, “Saturday Night Wrist” is indeed an instant classic.

    Sounds Like: The Deftones have returned and are back on the right track.

    The Good:
    - Stephen Carpenter’s hypnotizing riffs, Chino’s crazy vocals, it’s all there!
    - Plenty of diversity. Some of their most experimental and edgy material sits well amongst the darkest and heaviest. Much like “White Pony.”
    - It sounds nothing like any other Deftones album, but still sounds like the Deftones. Go figure.

    The Bad:
    - It probably didn’t need to be delayed as much as it was.

    Hits: “Hole In The Earth,” “Rapture,” “Cherry Waves” and “Combat” are about the most conventional the album gets. “Mein” is the closest to punk the Deftones have come, with a guest spot by Serj Tankian. “Beware” remains my favorite of the album, with plenty of ambience and slowbuilding tension. Oh, and let us not forget “Rats!Rats!Rats!” — the most evil Deftones song to date.

    Misses: “Pink Cellphone” may throw a few people off. I like it, especially the over-the-top ending, but it might have fit in better at the end of the album.

    Future: Face it, the Deftones will never be a household name, just because they are too quirky and don’t write hit singles. But I think “Saturday Night Wrist” will become a fan favorite in time.

    Personally: I am in love with this album. It evokes the same feelings I got when I first heard “White Pony” over six years ago. This is the Deftones back in action, doing what they do best. I’m sure no one could have imagined where they would be in 2006, but here they are, going stronger than ever before. Hopefully they can continue getting along and keep the excellent music coming. No one does it like the Deftones.

    Best Listened To When: Ever. This album is the perfect Deftones album.

    Posted on February 16, 2010