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Saturday Night Wrist

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  • Although I’m still a fairly new fan of the Deftones, having only purchased their fantastic album “White Pony” a couple of months before this album’s release, I still greatly anticipated it. And, whether you’re new to the band, or a die hard fan that anxiously waited three years for this, “Saturday Night Wrist” is definitely more than worth the purchase.

    I must admit, this album took a few spins to really sink in for me (as opposed to “White Pony”, which I loved from the first listen), but it was worth the effort, because this is great stuff. While not quite as eclectic as “White Pony”, there’s still plenty of diversity here. You’ve got psychotic heavy tracks like “Rapture” and “Rats! Rats! Rats!” (best title ever), dreamy epic tracks like “Beware” and “Cherry Waves”, and melodic hard rock like “Mein” (featuring Serj Terkian from System of a Down), “Kimdracula”, and “Hole in the Earth”. “Pink Cellphone” is mostly straight-up electronic, bringing a bit more of the Team Sleep influence to the table. This song also features spoken-word vocals from Annie Hardy, from the band Giant Drag, and if you’re familiar with this band, you probably know what a naughty little girl she is, and thus her contributions here won’t surprise you.

    More eclecticism comes with the slightly jazzy “Xerces”, and an ambient instrumental track, whose name is a big long video game code that I can’t remember offhand. Nice peaceful track, though. The album ends nicely with “Riviere”, which starts off soft and elegant, and subtly builds up toward the end.

    Overall, this is a really solid and well-accomplished release. While I think I still prefer “White Pony” on the whole, I still think this album is a definite progression in sound, especially Chino’s vocals, which are more polished and dynamic than ever. Musically they’re staying fresh and trying new things, while retaining their signature style. Yep, these guys are clearly far from out of ideas. If you’re even remotely interested in the Deftones, definitely pick this up. Hell, even if you don’t like them, give it a try anyway, because you never know…

    Posted on February 16, 2010