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Savage Amusement

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  • “Savage amusements” from 1988, is the last good album from Scorpions. After this one it all started to fall down very fast and the band hit rock bottom some years later with the dreadful “Face the heat”. On “Savage amusement”, Scorpions continued their commercial direction from “Love at first sting” but the material is a lot weaker. Maybe the guys tried too hard to make a similar and equally successful follow up, I don’t know…I believe it will take a miracle to get Scorpions back on track again. While waiting for that miracle, we can at least find comfort in past albums from these German rockers!

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I can’t understand people saying this album doesn’t rock. It certainly rocks and it’s one of Scorpions’ best!!

    In my opinion, all of Scorpions albums from In trance to Savage Amusement deserve 5 stars and no less. I agree witht the other reviewer that says that it’s a shame that Don’t stop at the top didn’t become a classic. Yeah, I’d surely love to hear it in every Scorpions’ concert! When this album was released I was still in high school, and great memories come to my mind everytime I listen to it. Some people may say the lyrics are silly, I have to disagree, they rock! Don’t stop at the top has certainly contributed to the philosophy of my life!

    This is also one of the most solid Scorpions albums, no weak points in here, most songs are worth 5 stars (I would give 6 stars to Walking in the edge).

    It’s a shame that the band no longer considers this one as of their most important records, and often play in concerts only “Rhythm of love” (an excellent song, by the way). I can’t believe how can they play more songs from Crazy World (a much more uneven record). Scorpions surely did experience a very serious decay during the 90’s, but in this new decade they have kept on digging the hole. They have not only offered two horrible live albums (Acoustica and the Berliner Philamorniker), but the “Unbreakable” comeback (what a horrible title!! It reminds me of Michael Jackson, I don’t know why), which many say it rocks and I only say it bores (Eye to eye is better than that).

    Savage amusement is a lost gem that every true Scorpions fan must own!!This is an essential!!!! Scorpions at the top (before they dropped!)

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Why people critise “Savage Amusement” for being lackluster, disappointing and anything, is still unknown for me. Play “Love at First Sting” first, then directly play “Savage Amusement”. Scorpions sounded incredible on this record, the sound was better than on “Love at First Sting” and the songs are just as powerful, and although it didnt boost the same hits as its prequel, there are still so many wonderful songs here, that its hard to start with one. Superb gems on this record is “Rhythm of Love”, “Passion Rules the Game”, “Media Overkill”, “Every minute Every Day” and the utterly Genius and powerful “Believe in Love”, another Power Ballad.Each of this song is almost as good as the songs on Love at First Sting, except for Believe in Love, which is better. After listening to Still Loving you for 10 years, discovering “Believe in Love” this summer was an incredible experience. This album suits me better than earlier Scorpions, as I prefer Power Ballads, and Mean and Clean Rock combined with wonderful melodies. This record got less raw powerful sound than Love at First Sting, but the production is cleaner, and the melodies sounds better. It may not match Love at First Sting, but that does not prevent this from being a perfect follow up to the perfect Rock album.Strongly Recommended!!!

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I know that the Scorpions’ albums from this era aren’t universally loved, and that longtime fans in particular were not pleased by the band’s crossover into more radio friendly territory, but for those of us who discovered the Scorpions in the mid to late 80’s, these are the albums that define the band’s sound.

    Case in point – 1988’s Savage Amusement. Coming on the heels of the monster hit Love at First Sting, Savage Amusement finds the band continuing their arena rocking heavy metal sound. This is a first rate 80’s metal album all the way. Hearing Rudolf Schenker’s guitar work on this album reminds me of a skilled surgeon at work. He just gets in there and cuts with incredible precision. This first rate metal guitar work makes it much easier to overlook the band’s love-obsessed lyrical content. And of course there are Klause Meine’s unique and powerful vocals. I can’t imagine ever hearing the term “German metal” and NOT immediately thinking of Meine’s voice. Savage Amusement doesn’t have a super anthem on par with Rock You Like a Hurricane here, but there are plenty of great rockers, including Don’t Stop at the Top, Passion Rules the Game, and Media Overkill. The album also features two of the band’s bigger hits in Rhythm of Love and the sappy ballad Believe in Love. I can see how these kinds of songs could put off some fans, but overall this is a very hard rocking album, ballads or not.

    Love at First Sting is the better album, but Savage Amusement comes pretty close. It’s a great example of the Scorpions sound in the 80’s, and 20 years later remains one of my favorite albums from that era.

    NOTE: The 2001 EMI reissue of Savage Amusement features absolutely AMAZING digitally remastered sound. It’s a dramatic improvement in sound quality over the original, and in fact sounds like something released today. Even without bonus tracks, the improved sound quality makes replacing your older version totally worthwhile.

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Let’s start looking at the time this album was released…Hair Metal ruled the rock scene in the late 80’s, with a lot of ridiculous hype bands raising the hit parades, and the “appice” of this “movement” was the Def Leppard’salbum “Hysteria” (1987),where the band sold millions of copies of this underrated album…Scorpions’ last hit was “Still Loving You”(one of the best rock ballads ever), and I think that the pression was very strong to the band repeat the success on “Savage Amusement”,so…That album has the shape of Hair Metal(take a look on the back cover – they’re looking like Def Leppard or Bon Jovi – ARGHHH!!!),the production points this way all the time and this album, at first, has everything to be the worst Scorpions’ album…but it is NOT!!! Incredibly, they recorded the best Hair Metal album I’ve ever hearded!!! It’s serious…Def Leppard,Bon Jovi and Poison don’t have Klaus Meineon vocals neither Rudolf Schencker on compositions and Mathias Jabs kickin’ ass on solo guitars!!! Try listen without prejudice to this album (don’t look at the back cover and don’t watch the video clips, please), and what you’ll hear is the great melody and sensibility of this GREAT rock band…An exemple: the solo in the introduction of “Believe In Love”…the shape used on the recording was pure Hair Metal, but take a “look” deeper in the melody…it’s beautiful!!!Listen carefully to Klaus’ vocals in “Walking On The Edge” and “Believe In Love”…it’s beatiful!!!Listen to the song “Rhythm of Love”…it’s a rock masterpiece!!! “Don’t Stop At The Top” is a strong rock song; “Passion Rules The Game” and “Every Minute Every Day” are slow rock songs like only Scorpions know how to do; “Love On The Run” is more fast and aggressive than the other songs,with an almost-punk beat; “We Let It Rock…You Let It Roll” and “Media Overkill” are genuine Hair Metal, but yet with the talent of the band making difference(listen to Mathias Jabs’ solos!!!)…That’s it, guys…In my opinion, “Savage Amusement” is an underestimated classic of rock, but undoubtly a CLASSIC!!!

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now