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Save Me From Myself

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  • I was worried about this project. I applauded Head’s bravery in publicly announcing his salvation and quitting Korn and embarking on a solo career, but honestly how could his little ship compare to Korn’s battlecruiser? I happily discovered not only were my fears unfounded, but this album out-Korn’s Korn entire post-Issues catalog.

    The sound is decidedly nu-metal, which in this day of blastbeats and neo-shredders can sound a bit dated and bland. However, I grew up in the Korn Reich and hearing the perfect realization of Korn’s sonic dream is like coming home to Mom’s country cooking after a long journey abroad. In fact, the only complaint is it might be too similar to Korn, but Head shows that he was the core of their sound and he isn’t stealing from anyone since it’s his to begin with. Rumbling, ultra-low guitars, demented lullaby-ish hooks, melancholy atmosphere, moaned, whispered, sung, growled, screamed vocals- it’s all here. Head has his own vocal style but sometimes he sounds eerily close to Davis’ creepy delivery. These songs, while powerful and thunderous, almost beg for Davis’ vocals and Munky’s bouncing bass-percussion, but we’ll wait for them to get saved another day :-) . The songs range from bleak, heavily-industrialized nu-doom to seething mosh-anthems. “Die Religion Die,” despite it’s cheesy title, boils with venom and rage (particularly in the obligatory breakdown with “DIIIEEE! DIE! DIE!” Honestly, is there any English word that is more metal?) The entire album is bathed in atmospherics, utilizing synths, children’s choruses, and orchestration.

    The lyrics are intensely personal and at time simplistic, but you can tell instantly that this is an album from the heart. Nearly half of the songs are written from God’s perspective and while the rhymes can be juvenile, the message is clear and forceful. No complext metaphors, no conceptual tales, yet no condescending preaching either. Make no mistake, Head is clearly trying to steer people to Jesus but his words speak from painful experience rather than a lofty pulpit.

    If this album had been released by Korn, it would be praised in the same breath as “Life is Peachy” and “Follow the Leader.” As it stands, “Save Me From Myself” is the best nu-metal album to come out in years and it is a breath of fresh air in the hard rock world. It’s not a Christian album- it’s an album written by a Christian but it stands toe-to-toe with all the mainstream releases out there. And Head is more than qualified to carry the banner. After all, he is one of the O.G.’s of modern metal and it’s nice to see one of them wake up.

    Posted on January 22, 2010