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Save Me From Myself

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  • “Save Me From Myself” is an excellent album in nearly every way. The signature Korn sound shines through, but this time, is open to a new audience; the Christian audience.

    Christian or non-Christian, you will enjoy this album. The lyrics are honest, dark but yet hopeful, and not preachy. It would be ridiculous for a person to criticize Head or any other artist for being upfront about their faith. The beauty of music is that it is a way for the artist to communicate their personal feelings; regardless if you agree. Shame on anyone that would write this album off because Head is now a “Jesus-lover.” It’s about the music; and the music does not disappoint.

    The guitar work is heavy, crunchy, and delicious. Head shifts from growls to soft singing wonderfully, and none of the songs end too soon.

    5 stars for Brian Head Welch!!

    Posted on January 22, 2010