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Save Me From Myself

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  • It seems to have walked right out the door behind this guy. Any Korn fans from the Follow the Leader/Issues era and prior will definitely hear some familiar sounds in this one. Seems that Head was bringing a great deal of the driving Korn sound that I am finding so hard to put a label on. Something about the melody me thinks. Anyways, I’m not a Christian or anything but I always liked this guy from his drug-fueled heretic era (ah, the good ol’ days), so I decided it was worth checking out. And it was. It’s not the most memorable album ever but I can say without a doubt it’s my all-time favorite finding Jesus related album. Most of it isn’t too preachy, just a few songs I heard that really talk about God, but it’s definitely one of those “I’m so happy I found myself” kind of albums. Anyways, if talk of Judeo-Christian beliefs makes your ears bleed, you’ll want to avoid this one, but if you’re a grown-up person that can handle ideas diverse from your own, it’s worth checking out for free. And if you’re real keen on Jesus, this one will rock your socks off.

    Posted on January 22, 2010