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Scars On Broadway

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  • Eventually I am comparing this with System of a Down (SOAD) as Daron and John were (maybe still are) part of the SOAD team. Moreover, Daron was the leading song writer in the band. So the question is: Is the magic there?

    Compared to SOAD, It has less but still catchy riffs. The melodic backbone is there with catchy verses. It is mellower then SOAD, but still it is a guitar driven album. The song structures are less complex – without those up and down tempo changes. The songs are more straightforward. The album has a live feeling in terms of production, which I believe is one of the strengths of the LP. The mixing is very mainstream. Vocals are up in the front with guitars and the rhythm section very easy to follow. Social awareness within the lyrics…

    Re-name the project as SOAD and you will definitely have a million seller in your hand. This is a very good album if you are into SOAD, but still something is missing. This is why, this is Scars on Broadway and not SOAD.

    Posted on March 7, 2010