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  • This album,to me,defines underground metal.The recording quality isn’t that great,but neither was “Kill Em All”.The true star of “Schizophrenia” is the then new guitarist Andreas Kisser.His solo on my personal favorite,”To The Wall”,is unbelievable and secured his place as one the best metal guitarists ever.Seriously,this CD is worth buying for this solo alone.His other lead work is incredible,also.Max’s distortion plagued vocals are very effective and really go well with the music,though i prefer the Arise-era roars.The best drummer in the world,Igor Cavalera,pulls off some great fills and double-bass,though the muddy production does obscure some of the more intricate moments of his performance.”From The Past Comes The Storms” is another defining moment for the once unstoppable band,with it’s furious riffs and unrelenting speed.”Inquisition Symphony” is a classic instrumental,as good as,if not better,as any of the Metallica ones.I don’t like “Escape From The Void” as much as everybody else seems to,but it is still a great song,easily better than over half the stuff on “Reign In Blood”.”The Abyss” is an amazing piece of acoustic guitar mastery,capturing a mood of desolation and doom….I just wish it was longer.”Screams Behind The Shadows”,”Septic Schizo”,and”Rest In Pain” are excellent,brutal tracks,if not as memorable as “To The Wall” or “From The Past Comes The Storms”.In fact,it is very hard to give this album only 4 stars,but the production muffles part of music quite noticeably,and Max’s vocals,while fitting to the music,are weak compared to the aforementioned performance on “Arise”.Still,”Schizophrenia” is a must for all metal fans,and beats the living crap out of most other underground albums.While Sepultura would create arguably the best thrash CD ever in “Beneath The Remains$Q,”Schizophrenia” is often overlooked and equally worth your time.For those wanting to hear TRUE metal,buy this and understand what it’s all about.

    Posted on January 27, 2010