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  • I started listening to Sepultura when Beneath The Remains first came out, in ‘89. I later found out that they had 2 previous albums, but I wasn’t interested at the time. with each album after B.T.R. there was slight improvement and maturity. Sepultura evolved with Arise, and even more so with Chaos AD, and finally with Roots. after 15 years of being a Sepultura fan, I finally decided to go back to the beginning and venture into the pre-Beneath The Remains material. I was pleasantly surprised with Schizophrenia. don’t get me wrong, it is definitely raw, and primative compared to B.T.R., but on Schizophrenia they were still a pretty tight and solid thrash metal band. of course each album after that was an improvement on the previous one, but think of Schizophrenia as the Slayer’s Hell Awaits, or Anthrax’s Spreading The Disease, or Metallica’s Ride The Lightning. it is simply put, the prequel to their upcoming masterpiece. the best songs are definitely the new version of Troops Of Doom, and Escape From The Void.

    Posted on January 27, 2010