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  • Well after listening to this album I can tell ya one thing’s for sure, Brazilians know how to thrash! But is this really thrash or death metal? Honestly who the hell cares because if you’re a true metalhead you will inevitably be headbanging to this in no time! (watch out for whiplash though)

    You see it’s the early era Sepultura albums that are my favorite, they are simply the rawest, dirtiest, and most evil. It kinda pisses me off that they don’t get much credit, everyone knows the awesomeness of BTR (which I love), Arise, and Chaos AD but I think more people need to check out the early releases. Oh yeah and I’m sorry but I thought Roots SUCKED! Yep I said it, so sue me. Hey I’m all up for experimentation but I just didn’t like it in that case.

    Anyway this is where Andreas Kisser comes in and shows his stuff. Does he kick ass? HELL YEAH! The entire album is a riff machine churning out a myriad of crazy guitar licks. I mean listen to “From the Past Comes the Storms”, the immortal instrumental “Inquisition Symphony” (one of the greatest metal instrumentals EVER) and “Septic Schizo” and you’ll surely see what I’m raving about, unless you’re a nu-metal queer or something. The vocals are straight out of hell with Max doing mostly a death metal growl and yell but there is a little bit of clean vocals here and there.

    The only problem I see with the album is the muddy production which for once does affect the listening experience for me (usually I really don’t give a sh*t), there’s pretty much no bass but overall it’s not that bad. However, I have the original pressing of the CD so perhaps it’s a tad better on the remaster.

    Even if you like later Sep better albums (which is understandable), you have to give these guys for really trying to make it while nestled deep out there in Jungleland and only being 18! My recommendation- get all Sep albums up to Chaos AD, get some Kreator, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Early Slayer, etc for more extreme thrash! Well that’s my opinion, LATER.

    Posted on January 27, 2010