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  • Sepultura’s second full length release is similar to their breakthrough album, “Beneath the Remains,” in a lot of ways, so I’m surprised this C.D. (“Schizophrenia”) didn’t get more attention. Like “Beneath the Remains,” “Schizophrenia” is a death/thrash metal album full to the brim with blindingly fast, pile driving riffs, scorching solos, pounding drums, and Max’s violent, death metal barks. Plus, even though it sounds rather rough, and it’s not quite as great or groundbreaking as Sepultura’s third or fourth albums, this album is actually quite great. Tracks three and four, “To The Wall” and “Escape To The Void,” are good examples of this album’s insane guitar and drum work. Next, “Inquisition Symphony” is a good centerpiece for the album, because it’s an instrumental. It is also another tour-de-force for guitarist Andreaas Kisser, with flattening riffs, searing solos, and even acoustic guitars. Other highlights include “From the Past Comes the Storms” (which has catchy, chugging, pounding riffs), “Septic Schizo,” “The Abyss” (which is an acoustic guitar interlude), and “R.I.P. (Rest In Pain).” Finally, like the remastered version of “Beneath the Remains,” if you buy the reissue of “Schizophrenia” (which I strongly recommend you do for the improved sound quality), you get two bonus tracks: the “rough mixes” of “Septic Schizo” and “To The Wall.” These remixes are actually not remixes at all, they’re instrumentals. They’re the exact same as the original song, only without vocals. The bottom line is, this SHOULD HAVE BEEN Sepultura’s breakout album, but since it was not (and it’s not considered one of the best thrash albums of all time), “Schizophrenia” isn’t an absolute must for every metal collection. But, because it foreshadowed the greatness to come in Sepultura’s later works, “Schizophrenia” is essential for every Sepultura/Max Cavalera collection.

    Posted on January 28, 2010