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Sci-Fi Crimes

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  • Chevelle have done it again.
    A very solid, interesting album from a band who is CONSISTENT!
    Each album of theirs is very good, you know what to expect.
    You can’t please everyone, though. For a band that stays true to sound, “all of their songs sound the same.”
    For a band that drastically changes their sound (Linikin Park, Thrice, etc.), “I want another -insert 1st or 2nd album from said band.” Not to say the evolved band doesn’t still make good music. You buy their album expecting something similar to what made you buy their previous.

    Bands just can’t win. Chevelle is about as close as you can get to winning,though.
    You get some of the rocking stuff, with a taste of the lighter stuff, and even some unexpected things.
    So it comes down to this….do you want your bands staying the same?
    Or, do you want your band ever-changing, leaving their core sound behind? I’ll stick with Chevelle right in the middle.

    Sci-Fi Crimes is lyrically their best, no doubt. Pete has a unique writing style that fits perfectly with the music. The album overall is their lightest to date, with still a good amount of punch.
    This Type of Thinking remains their best, with Wonder What’s Next behind. Not sure whether I like Vena Sera or SFC better yet. Track-by-track…

    1. Sleep Apnea- Best hard track since The Clincher. Heavy guitar, strong melody, interesting lyrics. 10/10
    2. Mexican Sun- This one took a while to grow on me. A heavier track, the chorus is a little awkward IMO, but the bridge is the best part for me. 8/10
    3. Shameful Metaphors- Saferwaters-lite. Strong track all-around,the chorus is one of their best. Rumored to be a single, and it should be. 9/10
    4. Jars- This album’s “Well Enough Alone.” Catchy track, but maybe I ruined it listening to it too much at first. A little repetitive, and just not that strong compared to the rest of the album. 6/10
    5. Fell Into Your Shoes- This song reminds me of the end of Fight Club for some reason. This is also a grower, as is this album in general. I did not like it much at first, now it’s a favorite of mine. The “experimental” track,for sure. 8.5/10
    6. Letter From a Thief- I was expecting a lot from this track, and I wanted it to be a favorite song of mine. However, it’s just pretty good. Solid, catchy, I wish it sounded a little heavier. I wanted it to be an angrier track. 6.5/10
    7. Highland’s Apparition- The best acoustic song of Chevelle. Good lyrics, solid overall. My least favorite, because I like my Chevelle to be heavy. 6/10
    8. Roswell’s Spell- This was originally just “Roswell.” It should have stayed that way. Hits hard, has an awesome chorus, but the song tapers off towards the end. 7/10
    9. Interlewd- Waste of song space. This made the 11-track album a 10-track, it’s place towards the end of the CD…why, guys? No one likes intros,and no one likes interludes. If you put it on, fine, make sure I’ve got like 13-14 real songs to coincide.
    10. A New Momentum- This was my 2nd or 3rd favorite on the first listens through, it has since dropped. Moderately heavy with some cool guitar and cachy chorus. 7.5/10
    11. This Circus- “Of All Needs” was a stronger title choice,again. The best closing track by Chevelle, also a standout track with another very strong chorus. 8/10

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    Sleep Apnea Acoustic- Very cool acoustic version of a heavier sounding song, and it works. Too short and the bridge is left out, but good.

    Hot Topic/Shockhound Bonus Tracks

    The Gist- Heaviest and most original guitar riff since Family System. You could mistake it for a Slipknot riff.
    Unfortunately, another instrumental, and it could have been this album’s most kickass song if it had some words to it. 9/10

    Leto’s Headache- Another bonus track ends up being a stand-out track. Awesome bass parts and guitar is stellar, should have made the original album cut without question. 9/10

    Posted on November 12, 2009