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Sci-Fi Crimes

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  • Great album from a band that once again proves they continue to be a force in hard rock.

    Chevelle delivers the goods yet again, and still manages to give longtime fans many new flavors to keep us excited. This band has an uncanny ability to please fans over and over with groovin thick driving tunes that practically leave you holding your breath for more. There are some notable changes in this album, but not so many that diehard fans are displeased and start looking for another band to fill a gaping hole. I do agree with the many critics that Sci Fi Crimes is not the best of their catalog, many assign that honor to WWN. I personally couldn’t choose. I think Sci Fi Crimes lacks a flagship track with the quality, depth, emotion and hook of songs like Vitamin R or Well Enough Alone or even Clincher.

    However Sci Fi crimes has a couple of stunning tracks like Sleep Apnea and This Circus both of which hit me hard on the first spin as more than worthy of their predecessors. Personally I love the changes. I didn’t expect another WWN which is brilliant or Vena Sera, which is a truly addictive record. I kept wondering how they could even hope to match something near the level of their previous albums. But Sci Fi crimes truly displays that Chevelle continues to be a viable force in music and are still writing great, (if not the best) material out there right now. For me this album solidifies Chevelle as one of my all time favorite bands. And remains one of the few bands (if any) where I can put their entire catalog on shuffle (which I normally hate) and get excited as each song starts and sad as each song ends.


    Sleep Apnea- The album opens with a strong force that boldly announces this is a Chevelle record and we’re gonna move you. By many accounts, this is the strongest track on the album and certainly a favorite. It’s chunky dense guitars remind you that this band can play it hard.

    A New Momentum- Many of the bloggers out there like this song. For me it is much more reminiscent of earlier Chevelle like from Point #1. It is for that reason that I list this song as a highlight. I absolutely love Point #1 and the edgy raw sound the band had at that time. This track shows they are every bit the same band only better.

    This Circus- This song hit me as my favorite track from the very first spin. It dabbles with some changes that make it more dynamic and therefore much more interesting to me. Not a favorite for everyone I realize that probably because it has that uncomfortable mood which I love, but approaching a bit of an artsy sound which makes it much more fun for me. The moment I heard it I stopped and played this track over and over even before spinning the album a second time.

    Posted on November 12, 2009