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Sci-Fi Crimes

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  • Chevelle don’t stray too much from the sound they have had basically since Wonder Whats Next. That in my opinion is not a bad thing, as at least all their cds and songs don’t sound like one another, like groups such as Nickelback. Lyrically Sci-Fi Crimes is one of the better cds from Pete. Musically, the riffs are different enough, but the way the songs themeselves are arranged is very similar. Ok, so the first half of this cd is pretty solid. After “Letter From a Thief”, the momentum from the first six tracks kind of falls off. “Highland’s Apparition” and “Roswell’s Spell” just don’t really generate much excitement for me. The last two songs are decent, but I’m on the fence still on how much I really like them. Mind you, that this reveiw was written after only a few listens, so my opinion could still change about a song or two. Like most music, it takes time to digest what is being played.

    Posted on November 12, 2009