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Scorn Defeat

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  • Yes, 5 stars to a Japanese death metal band that no one has ever heard of. This album is pretty hard to find where im from in the midwest. I rarely meet someone who has heard of Sigh which is a shame because they are one of the most talented, creative, and original bands ive ever heard. The guitar work is incredible and every instrument is played with precision and beauty yet still has a rough, pounding, eerie aura to it. Sigh isnt just your normal guitar, drums, and bass either. They play so many different instruments on this album i cannot even name them all. The only downside is the vocals which really arent bad but with music this beautiful it needs a little bit of a break from the high shrieking and could use some singing. This is not radio-friendly music but i will keep it on my top 10 list for years to come. Buy it!!

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Excellent review by Raisedfist. This is an outstanding Black Metal album by a band that not many people know of. These guys bring the samurai swords and rapier blades to Black Metal instead of the usual spiked bat and connan-style swords most Black Metal bands wield. Not that those bands aren’t cool, I really enjoy listening to Dark Funeral, Marduk, Emperor’s early material, Dark Throne to mention a few. But this here is something else, and trust me once you get used to this cd, it will be one of your favourite Black Metal albums. The sound is typically early 90’s black metal, but the way this band plays is not typical against any black metal I’ve heard before.

    I once bought this cd before and returned it because it didn’t really appeal to me because I was used to the sounds of the Swedish and Norweigian black metal bands, and this sounded so different and hard to absorb. But as time passed I remembered that I had one song of this album on a Black Metal compilation called Blackend Vol 1. After listening to that song a few times more I had realized that I had made a big mistake returning that cd. Then one day I found it in a second hand store and grabbed it.
    The songs on this album are nothing like later SIGH. This is pure black metal with keyboards coming in sometimes (not like Cradle Of Filth) These guys are much more relaxed than your regular black metal band, but the darkness and anger are present, even if one might not hear it straight away. The songs are not blistering fast like that of Dark Funeral, but they do reach a climax sometimes which is very exciting. Of all the black metal bands I’ve heard the ones this is most similar to is early Marduk and early Dark Throne, and as you know those are two completely different bands and are still so diffent to SIGH even more then each other.
    The cover is also very cool, it’s one of the band members holding a sword in one hand and the other hand is on fire, he is near a lake and it looks cold, due to the entire photo being in black and white with a light green/blue tint, and the fire on his hand is in colour. This is one of my favourite cd cover art.


    I have just uploaded the cd cover onto Amazon’s website, to see it click on the link that says ’see 1 customer image’ which is below the empty space where the pic usually is.

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now