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Scorpio Rising

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  • Being a prong fan since Beg To Differ, i was both excited and worried when i heard of the reformation…. Much to my satisfaction, this cd is excellent. a few “small” complaints though.First off, the Vocals are a little irritating. Not having the sony budget didnt help this im sure, but also the fact that Tommy seems to have had a bit of Danzig rubbing off in this department. some of the Vocals remind me of danzig. not the voice itself, but the stylings. a prong/ danzig fan will notice this.also, a couple of the tracks are, dare i say, FILLER material? Especially letter to a “friend” which is just a boring song. with 14 tracks on the CD it is not much to complain about, but when listening in its entirety, it can definately ruin the “flow” of the cd.Now onto the good. The RIFFS! As always with prong its about the riffs! and they are both brisk and abundant. the pits accross america will be shaken up without a doubt! love the structures and speed of the riffs. even though the production isnt as sharp as “awakening” and “cleansing”. But that , im sure, is because of label and budget restictions. Overall a great and welcome comeback for prong! Very hopeful to see them in NYC soon… A must have for even the slightest prong fan…

    Posted on November 13, 2009