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Scorpio Rising

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  • What’s good about it? Victor lets out a commanding ‘Yeah!’ to start off the opening track “Detached.” There’s no doubt about it; Prong is back! It won’t be long before the throbbing guitar riff will have you smelling the sweet sound of industrial steel in the air. As usual, the vocals are delivered with all of the anger and emotion that Victor is known for. His vocals change from tuneful to down right throaty on “Reactive Mind.” A tuned down ‘chugga-chugga’ riff only enhances his emotions. Machine gun like guitar work and frantic drums highlight “Regal.” This track is sure to be a favorite in ‘the pit.’ Industrial metal is not known for its guitar solos, but Victor lays one down that invokes the work of his metal heroes. “Entrance of the Eclipse” is an apocalyptic anthem that draws its energy from marching drumbeats and driving rhythms. Wait just a minute. Did I just hear some rock radio friendly tracks? “Embrace the Depth” is heavy on bass, heavy on industrial guitar playing, heavy on the skins, but a little lighter on vocals. Don’t get me wrong, Victor is still brutal on the chorus, almost leaning toward a death metal delivery, but the verses are a little more melodic than Prong is known for. “Avoid Promises” falls into the same category; even more so. It has an unforgettable opening, followed by some smoothed over vocals. It’s as if Victor is saying, ‘You want radio friendly? Here’s your radio friendly!’ Anything bad? Nope Bottom Line: Industrial kept the metal scene alive in the early nineties when grunge was all the rage. Even though that time has past, Scorpio Rising is a solid metal album from beginning to end. Prong’s time away from the scene didn’t hurt their ability to write some of the most aggressive and powerful music. The songs are equally effective whether they’re delivered in familiar harsh vocal tones, or the more recent melodic vocal tones.

    Posted on November 13, 2009