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  • This is horrible. Prong USED to be on the cutting edge, ahead of their time, an unstoppable mutation of metal and industrial. With Ted Parsons and Killing Joke’s Paul Raven, Tommy Victor crafted two albums (“Cleansing” and “Rude Awakening”) that still sound sharp, fresh, and and energetic despite the fact that both are nearly ten years old.

    That being said, I was very excited to see a new album arrive. But upon examining the liner notes, I knew I was in trouble. When a band disappears off the scene for 8 years, is officially broken up, and then returns with only one original member, it generally indicates a greater need for cash than for creative expression. Check out the equally sucky “Danzig 5″ if you’d like another example of a great band that went to hell.

    I wish I’d never cruised the “Prong” bin at the store. Everything that was good about this band is gone. There’s no energy in the songs. No real angst. Even the signature Victor guitar sound is gone. And the only lyrics I’ve seen dumber than these were on that sorry Liz Phair disc. This is doubtlessly the single worst CD I’ve paid money for, and I have bought some bad ones.

    What a waste.

    Posted on November 13, 2009