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Scream Bloody Gore

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  • I love old Death….It’s so very brutal!!Scream Bloody Gore has to be Death at it’s rawest, and most brutal sounding time ever. Although I have to say “Leprosy” is my favorite Death Cd, this was the begining of it all. Chuck was way ahead of his time when he put this gem together back in 1987.The only reason I like “Leprosy” more, is because it’s a little more mature, and polished. Not much, just enough. Scream Bloody Gore is about as raw as you can get…..Chuck, and Death became major influences after this was heard. It started a whole new wave of Death Metal in the Tampa Bay, and S. Florida area…..Nasty Savage may have been the first influence down here, but Death was there in the begining as well. What I love about this Cd compared to recent Death releases, is that it’s very raw. You feel like your right there in the studio. The crunch is awesome, and Chuck has a great voice for this kind of music….His lyrics are genius. Chuck was born to play Death Metal. Death is still going strong today, and although the old sound of the past has somewhat disappeared in my opinion, the important thing to remember is that Death hasn’t sold out!!!…….Scream Bloody Gore, and Leprosy are my favorite Death Cd’s. If you have yet to hear this, and you consider yourself a Death Metal fan, your wrong!!!……You must first hear this to become worthy.

    Posted on November 25, 2009