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Scream Bloody Gore

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  • I’d heard a lot about Death, both before and after Chuck Schuldiner’s tragic passing to cancer in 2001. Considering that near constant line-up changes had given Death near one-man band status and considering that Schuldiner played all but the drums on this album, I’d always intended to buy some albums by the band. For some reason, it has taken me until now to purchase one, but it has to be said that has been worth the wait.To the inexperienced death metal fan who has only heard more recent albums, Scream Bloody Gore may come across as crude and cliched. But even then it is still an incredible release. However, when taking into consideration that this was a debut, that it was the sole creation of one man and that it was one of the genre’s first albums, it makes it all the more impressive.The lyrics are completely gore-soaked, the songs are vicious yet much more than merely noise, some of the riffs are surprisingly melodic and the soloing is very sturdy. One thing that comes across on this album that I feel is missing from almost all more recent death metal (in fact, arguably all proper death metal from the past 10 years or so) is the sense of energy that in my mind has been missing in a lot of heavy music for a long time. This is a band who are just completely excited by what they are doing instead of cooly calculating how to get the thickest guitar tone or the fastest blast beat, and to me it makes the whole listening experience far more intense.I would have to say that if you are into heavy music then definately get this album. There may be those that are faster, heavier or more technical (indeed, by this band themselves if not others) but that doesn’t matter. The pure energy pouring off this album makes it all worth it.

    Posted on November 26, 2009