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Scream Bloody Gore

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  • This album invented at a take an entire genre. Chuck and crew (including Chris R. later of Autopsy fame) weld together Possessed and Slayer-influenced riffs with demonic low-pitched screams (something new at the time!) to form an entirely original juggernaut: Death Metal. The guitar playing is simple but utterly inspired. The melodies are absolutely perfect in their dark malevolence – no filler notes, no extraneous material, no wasted emotion. It goes straight for your throat and bludgeons you with expert technical finesse – the music must be experienced (preferably at top volume!) to be believed. There is a strain of poisonous intensity running through these songs that makes them transcend the attempts of bands that followed this essential, groundbreaking, beautifully evil album. A must buy.UA

    Posted on November 26, 2009