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Scream Bloody Gore

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  • Chuck Schuldiner will be remembered as one of the most innovative and truly talented performers in all of extreme metal. It’s a bit of a shame though, that in the latter part of his all-too-short life, he had pretty much disowned some of his earlier accomplishments, one of which was Death’s cult-classic debut album, ‘Scream Bloody Gore’. Because while it may not be as technically accomplished or as brainiac as, say, ‘Symbolic’, this album pretty much launched a whole new metal subculture and still stands as a definitive example of the term “death metal”.While the OTT cheese factor is painfully apparent in the lyrics and song titles (see “Regurgitated Guts” for an earlier example of the roots from which Cannibal Corpse would later create musical snuff-porn), it’s hard not to notice Chuck’s abilities as a guitarist and songwriter, and the result is a truly entertaining slab of B-movie metal that still stands on it’s own today. Fact is, Chuck pretty much invented death metal, combining blood-and-gore lyrics, doom-laden E-minor riffs delivered at (at the time) insane holocaustical speeds, and, of course, the now-famous “cookie monster” blowtorch vocals which every death metal vocalist in the world would emulate to this day.Still a favorite guilty pleasure, ‘S.B.G.’ remains one of the most important albums in all of extreme metal. Chuck would go on to much more musical and intellectually superior things before his tragic demise from cancer, but this album’s fun factor simply can’t be denied…a totally essential purchase.

    Posted on November 26, 2009