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Scream Bloody Gore

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  • Well I figured after bombing my test this morning and today being 6/6/06 I’d celebrate by writing a review for this classic album. This is old school death metal at its finest and as you may have noticed that is my favorite kind of DM. However, it’s sort of ironic that I actually like Human, Symbolic a little better.

    Anyway this album serves up brutality in its rawest form. These were the good ole days before the progessive and melodic tendencies would take over the genre, don’t get me wrong I like that stuff do but not quite as much, this is when DM was a tad more exciting. This album also continued on the standard that Possessed laid out with the legendary Seven Churches and help pave the way for this so called “boring and unimaginative” genre.

    Chuck’s voice here is at its most guttural and indecipherable but they kick serious *ss and really add to the whole ambient horror theme he’s going for. He can shriek like a banshee for christ’s sake! His vocals would become even higher pitched on each subsequent album, but back then his were undeniably the most insane in all of metal. The guitars? NIGHTMARISH! The guitar tone also adds the perfect flavor for these gore-influenced lyrics and subjects, the epitome of evil is Chuck’s guitar and the man can solo like a mofo. Another factor I really like about this album is that they really throw the bass into the mix and it sounds just devastating, something that really lacks in later DM releases and metal in general. By the way, Chuck recorded the bass parts too, that just might be why they’re so friggin awesome. Chris Reifert, who was only on this album is certainly no slouch behind the kit and can pound away fast enough to keep up with Chuck’s monster riffs.

    As for the actual songs this one’s got some real neck-breakers. The two longest and best songs Zombie Ritual and the title track are a treat. The former became a fan favorite and sounds great on their live album, it has the great Egyptian-like intro riff, thick bass, and one of the catchiest choruses in DM. The title track has a cool build-up opening thrashy riff and then proceeds to bash your skull in with perhaps the most complex song on the album with superb double bass drumming too. The rest of the songs are pretty good too with enough gore and depravity to satisfy even the most twisted and deranged minds. The opening track has that classic “DIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!” intro, Sacrificial has the hilarious chorus of Chuck belting out “SACRIFICIALLLLLLL! C*NT!!!!”, Torn to Pieces is also quite comical, and Mutilation is just plain brutal.

    Obviously this is another required addition to your metal collection especially if you want to see the roots of one of the best subgenres this wonderful music (that DOES require talent) they call heavy metal. Also get Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness, Obituary’s Slowly We Rot, Possessed’s Seven Churches, Deicide’s Legion and Death’s Leprosy for more great old school DM. LATER.

    Posted on November 26, 2009