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Scream for Me Brazil

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  • My opinion about this masterpiece is definitely biased, because I was there, in the audience, listening to what became one of the greatest metal live albums ever. Everytime I listen to this album, I get transported back in time to a place that only loud metal, air raid siren, great solos, etc matters, and that is what you get here. This is an awesome live album from the best metal singer in history, who sings for the best metal band in history, so it’s A MUST.

    Some reviewers complained about the sound, but I think it’s perfect. Others mentioned the loud audience participation, but I am certain it was actually tuned down during the mixing. And if the crowd was loud during Bruce’s solo material, it was definitely louder when he played Two Minutes, Powerslave and other Maiden classics. A pity Bruce opted to leave the Maiden stuff out, but we have to respect his decision of not living over the his past (and present now) there.

    About the album in detail, Bruce is in great shape, jumping, screaming, talking to the audience. Adrian is a guitar god, he is responsible for most of Maiden’s classics. Roy Z is also a great axeman (let’s replace Janick with him in Maiden also) and the rest of the band is quite good.

    Trumpets is a perfect start, kicking a** opener with a marvelous riff and you can listen the crowd when Bruce enters the stage. King In Crimson is a heavy, doomy song, perfect for the Scream for Me trademark. From them on, it’s like fighting against a boxing champion, one blow after another. Chemical Wedding (crowd goes wild), Gates of Urizen, Killing Floor (Sataaaan, has left his Killing Floor), the Book of Thel (I love so much this one, with all its variations), Tears of The Dragon (audience singing every word), Laughing in the Hiding Bush (crowd goes wild again), Accident Of Birth (Journey back to the dark side, back into the womb, back to where the spirits…), The Tower (audience sings to Bruce), Darkside of Aquarius (a song that fits in any Maiden setlist) and Road to Hell (a heavenly way to end this masterpiece).

    In short, this album rocks and is a must for any metal fan. And, if you like the Brazilian fans participation, also check Maiden’s Rock In Rio, Rush’s Rush In Rio, Edguy’s upcoming DVD or the live albums from Angra and Shaman.

    Posted on January 8, 2010