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Sculptured Ivy & Stone Flowers

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  • Releases like this that have made me lose all faith in the American music industry. Now don’t get me wrong, I mean that in the best way possible. Its just so disheartening to see bands with so much talent like Novembers Doom scorned for stuff like Linkin Park, Staind, Slipknot…etc.

    I could lament the unjustice of the recording industry all day, but I’ll get on with the review. Of Scultured Ivy And Stone Flowers may just be the quintessential Doom album of all time. It encompasses everything a Doom album should be. Sad, brooding, acerbic while still retaining a sense of elegance and a glimmer of hope. This is an album so filled with texture and emotion it takes you to another place. Every element comes together to form a darkly tranquil, profoundly human expierence.

    Posted on November 14, 2009