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Secret of the Runes

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  • After having heard Deggial, one of the best symphonic masterpieces Christopher Johnsson and Therion have created, I bought the Secret of the Runes. It’s about ancient Nordic tradition, and specifically talks about all the worlds in Nordic Mythology, such as Midgard, Asgard and Nifelheim. The mythological information one can get is tremendous, which is introduced to you through the most melodic music I’ve ever heard from a metal band.The album starts with Ginnungagap, the old void from which everything came out and is destined to return. The music is wonderful, creating tension and awe. Then follows Midgard, the world of man, which is a soft song, that depicts the frailty of man and this world. And then comes Asgard, the land of the gods. The importance of this world and the power of the gods is shown to the listened through a majestic series of chords and Wagnerial singing by the choir. Then comes Jotunheim, home of the ancient giants, a powerfull song, that is succeded by Schwarzalbenheim, a dark song which talks about the dwarfin and Elfin blacksmiths. Ljusalfheim comes next, talking about the Elves of the light. Then is Muspelheim, a powerful song which talks about the firegiants. After that is Nifelheim, the land of the icegiants, a melodic song with nice choir orchestration. after that comes Vanaheim, talking about Frej and Freja, the gods of magic and fertility. Helheim, the land of Hel, the godess of Death, as well as of fulfillment is next, a dark song which depicts very accurately the darkness. Last comes the Secret of the Runes, the essence of the album. It talks about the 18 runes Othat were revealed to Odin, after he sacrificed his body to himself.After the Secret of the Runes follow two cover songs, Summernight city by Abba and Crying days by the Scorpions.The album made to me a very good impression and I highly recommend it to any potential fans of Therion or of truly melodic music.

    Posted on January 30, 2010