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Secret of the Runes

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  • When I was browsing through all the Nightwish stuff that Amazon has to offer, I happened to see the list of `Similar Bands’ and Therion was one of them. I listened to the sound samples, and was beginning to get interested. I then went to the website to get more lengthy clips, and boy, was I impressed. This band is similar to Nightwish (so if you like them, check Therion out) but they are more operatic and mixed i.e male and female opera rather than female opera alone.

    This is my first Therion album, as it’s all I can buy for now (I bought it along with Nightwish’s `Once’ and `Wishmaster’.) But wow…please consider this band. They are amazing, Secret of the Runes talking about mythology that involves elves, dwarves and giants. Need I say more?

    Now onto the songs:

    1. Ginnungagap- This is my least favourite song. IMO, there is no melody whatsoever. Not too bad though. Maybe a few more listens will convince me. 7/10

    2. Midgard- Great! I loved this song the moment I heard the sample, with the female singer singing her heart out in the chorus. 10/10

    3. Asgard- This is one of my favourite songs, the beginning and the vocals clashing with each other in such a graceful way (does that make any sense?). 10/10

    4. Jotunheim- This song ain’t bad, but it’s just a tad bit slow for my liking. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s definitely worth a listen. The female vocals are sweeping and beautiful. 9/10

    5. Schwarzalbenheim- The beginning is quite interesting and I was quite amused listening to the trumpets. However the vocals are quite breath-taking and I dare not criticise this song, for it is easily one of the best songs that Therion have made. 9.5/10

    6. Ljusalfheim- A nice song. When I first heard the opening, I first thought of an Avril Lavigne song. However, the song couldn’t be more different and beautiful from Avril’s `punk’ singing. Definitely worth a listen. 8.5/10

    7. Muspelheim- The beginning is quite slow, but then the guitars just take off, along with the female opera. Quite nice. 10/10

    8. Nifelheim- Ah, perhaps one of my favourites. The harmony in this song just amazes me every time. Although it gets quite repetitive, I still enjoy this one. The orchestra is…wow. 11/10

    9. Vanaheim- Another favourite. When the violin solos in the beginning, I don’t know what to think. Classic, perhaps? A great one. 10/10

    10. Helheim- When I first heard the sample for this one, I was bored out of my wits. However, I heard the full song when I received the CD in the mail only to realise how wrong I was. Don’t be fooled by audio samples, people! I loved the male and female contrast. 10/10

    11. Secret Of The Runes- Great song, but it gets tiring as it goes on. It has its highlights, however, and I would say that it makes a great closer to a classic album.

    Overall, there is a con: it finished too fast! I wish that there was more to this album! A must-buy for any fan of Therion or even Nightwish!

    Posted on January 31, 2010