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Secret of the Runes

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  • I was hooked by the very first chord and couldn’t say a word till the last fading riff off “Summernight City”. This has been the most exciting music I’ve heard in a long time. Deggial was already near perfection, just surpassed by this latest opus “Secret of the Runes”. Although it’s a bit of a cliche, I must say there is not a single filler here, the whole album is pure bliss. One strong aspect which makes it so perfect is the storyline. “Secret of the Runes” is based in the nordic mythology and each song represents a world and a rune, besides the prologue, epilogue and the covers. Christofer describes in an interview perfectly the way it all works: the theme of each song is traduced in its atmosphere, besides the great lyrics. i.e. Muspelheim is the world of fire and the song is fast and heavy riff pounding. Nifelheim is the world of ice and the song is somber and “cold”. Ljusalfheim is the world of light, faeries and elves and the song is so beautifully gentle. And so on. I highly disagree with the one who said the album is “predictable”. Absurd!!! It is geniously well-balanced and highly technical, that’s what it is. I was only skeptical about the covers before I heard them. ABBA????? Incredible! One who hasn’t heard the originals would never guess where they came from. I would take them by Therion songs! As “Flesh of the Gods” off Deggial, a different song but this one an original Therion song. All in all, this band’s talent is undeniable. Secret of the Runes is DEFINITELY a must-have. DEFINITELY. By far my best CD.

    Posted on January 31, 2010