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Secret of the Runes

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  • Therion’s amazing & groundbreaking album Secret Of The Runes. A Masterpiece combining Power Metals heavy riffing and complex bass lines with operatic Choirs tends to mix’s well with Melodic and Classical arrangements. The power of this album is unbeleviable, Its as if this were a score to an Opera depicting the gods of yester-year. As some of you know Therion started as a Death Metal band.. Well times have changed and they take to a more melodic approach very well! If you wish to get into Therion’s entrancing music I would suggest picking up THIS album
    first then later buy the others. To actually show you the man power that went into the making of this gem I will have to literally list those who were involved in the making of this album.. Here are ALL the musicians that take a part in Secret Of The Runes..

    The Band:

    Christopher Johnson – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards & Percussion
    Kristian Niemann – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
    Johan Niemann – Bass Guitar
    Sam Karppinen – Drums & Percussion

    Vocal & String Soloists:

    Marika Schonberg – Solo Soprano
    Erika Andersson – Solo Alto
    Carl Rahmqvist – Solo Tenor-Baritone

    Anna Rodell – Solo Violin
    Asa Akerberg – Solo Cello
    Thomas Karlsson – Whispering Voice on “Liusalfheim”


    Kristina Hansson – Coloratura Soprano
    Anna-Maria Krawe – Soprano
    Ana Artursson – Alto
    Marika Schonberg – Alto
    Henrik Holmberg – Tenior
    Patrik Forsman – Tenior
    Carl Rahmqvist – Tenior-Baritone
    Jorkim Berg – Bass-Baritone

    String Ensemble:

    Anna Rodell – Violin (1:st)
    Josef Cabrales-Alin – Violin (1:st)
    Malin Samuelson – Violin (2:nd)
    Johan Moren – Violin (2:nd)
    Linda Svedrup – Viola
    Niklas Sjunnesson – Viola
    Asa Akerberg – Cello
    Monica Jonsson – Cello

    Woodwinds (solo and ensemble):

    Fareidah Hildebrand – Flute, Altflute & Piccolo
    Erik Rodell – Oboe & English Horn
    Henrik Blitx – Bassoon & Kontrabassoon

    Brass Ensemble:

    Mikael Sorensen – Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
    Ayman Al Fakir – French Horn & Wagnertuba
    Kristina Borg – French Horn
    Rune Bodin – Trombone

    Now imagine this type of force mixed with The Band’s melodic and instrumental form of Power Metal. Note their are a lot of excellent Guitar solos on this album by Kristian Niemann and the band does not hold back. Numerous of the these songs are heavy & yet still very melodic as true Power Metal should be. The Choir work is some of the best i’ve heard blended with any metal band! and the Classical intrsumentals within the songs, Fit well with Therions powerful metal. This is a piece of Metal History to me, This album should be in your collection allready! If it is not you are missing out on a Masterpiece! Note the Booklet is beautifully done as well with both Text & Art that explain the meaning of the songs so you are not left in the dark! Now heres my rating of Secret Of The Runes tracks.

    1. Ginnungagap ***** The Perfect Opener Depicting Both Therions Heavyness & Melodic Melody.

    2. Midgard ***** Excellent Choir, More Melodic Guitar is used on this one! Guitar Solo!!

    3. Asgard ***** This is a much more up tempo number, Very Powerful Rhythm Guitar. Guitar Solo!!

    4. Jotunheim ***** Back Down Tempo, Some Good Drum Work seen here!

    5. Schwarzalbenheim ****** Very Distinguished Rhythm and Ends with a beautiful classical ensemble.

    6. Ljusalfheim ***** Acoustic Guitar Is Beautiful and eventually turns to one of my fav Guitar Solos on the album.

    7. Muspelheim ****** The most fast paced guitar work on the album. Just a short outburst of power at 2:14 long.

    8. Nifelheim ***** The Choir really shines on this one. Excellent Violin Solo!

    9. Vanaheim ****** My fav track on the album. The guitar work here is masterful,Both Accoustic & Electric. Amazing Elec Guitar Solo!!

    10. Helheim ***** Beautiful Vocal work. Yet again the Rhythm Guitars stand out.

    11. Secret Of The Runes ***** The Title Track, This song is very balanced, The Rhythm & Lead playing against one another.

    *being worst – *****Being Best – ******Being Personal Favorites

    I can not stress enough how powerful,melodic and just.. Amazing this is!! If you are interested even slightly, You should buy this. I would pay well over 20$ for this album, And be extremly happy to have it! But this is all I can tell of the tales that Therion has laid before ye. For you.. Must decide what paths you will take. And whether you will ever learn.. The Secret Of The Runes.

    Posted on January 31, 2010