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  • I was thinking of giving this cd 4 stars but no- it’s a five star deserver. This was the first cd I ever heard of them, I heard it at work one day and loved it. My co-worker gave it to me but I really didn’t appreciate it until later. I used to only listen to the songs “Engel” and “Du Hast” but then it broke and I had to get it again. Now, with a brand new copy, I am content at last and listen to the whole cd with much love and affection. The first version I had contained two bonus tracks: English versions of “Engel” and “Du Hast” whereas my new cd contains the one bonus track “Stripped”. Let’s get started, shall we?

    1. Sehnsucht (Longing): Longing is so cruel! You were right when you wrote these lyrics, Till. This starting song of the cd is just so BAM! It’s got the perfect amount of energy and umph that every cd needs to capture ones’ attention. I loved the mixed in wailing/singing voice in the background. It’s just so catchy. Everyone with me now: “Sehnsucht!” >O

    2. Engel (Angel): “God knows I don’t want to be an angel” states the lyrics during the chorus. This is like, the only song I know where they have a woman singing with them. I wonder what happened off cd between the singers… OH! Sorry. Um, it’s a really clever song, I love the whistling that Flake mixed in. Probably a keyboard filter, but you never know. In the english version they had to re-write the lyrics and so I didn’t care for it as much. When a band has to change what their song is about to appeal to other people that’s just sad. We should all be open to everything.

    3: Tier (Beast): The song about the beast that dwells inside every man. Ooooh, catchy and fast with a great opening and chorus. Again great mixing in and FX throughout the song. Clever and smashing.

    4: Bestrafe Mich (Punish me): When I first heard this cd I knew nothing about the band and thought that there were two people singing together until I got it again and realized it’s just ONE PERSON: Till, one of my idols now-a-days. His vocals here are INCREDIBLE- or incredible enough to sound like two seperate people @_@ This song has great music to it too and altogether it one of the best on the cd.

    5: Du Hast (You Have): Not to be confused with the word “Hasst” which means “Hate” This song is a lyrical genious to me (despite the repetetivity). The song is about getting married and has german plays on words in it, so when they did an english version, again they had to re-write it and it lost the impact *cries* It has a beautiful melody and is just marvelous. This song was also what got them reknowned over in america.

    6: Buck Dich (Bend Down): Gotta love this song. It’s so catchy and though I haven’t seen I hear that the live performance is scandalous (laughs evily) It’s great and has very good lyrics as well. The music is so cool and again has great mixings on it. Till’s speaking is so rythmic its fabulous.

    7: Spiel Mit Mir (Play With Me) This song has one of the creepiest melodies I’ve ever heard. It belongs in some scary movie (they’re on a lot of soundtracks, so it probably is somewhere) A song about incest- but it’s really good despite that. Really! It’s so brooding and foreboding.

    8: Klavier (Piano): This is my favorite song on the cd actually. I think I have a habit of liking the odd songs of theirs best. This song is the prettiest on this album and has INCREDIBLE words. It’s so touching and poniant. The earnest melody line and double vocals Till does (along with some beautiful deep humming) are spectacular. The song is about a boy watching a girl play the piano and he kills her. It gives me goosebumps listening to this song it’s so haunting. The best line is when he says “And when she played I held my breath” giving it this feeling of anticipation and expectance at the same time of turmoil. It’s great.

    9: Alter Mann (Old Man): This song has some incredible lyrics as well. I love how they can mix their music so that they play mega-heavy guitar riffs but still make it a slow pretty song. You know you’re a good musician when you can accomplish this. This song is about learing a lesson from an old man. Toughtful and brilliantly done. You know sometimes I think I compliment this band too much, but they really do a good job with their music!

    10: Eifersucht (Jealousy): Ah, no gothic band is complete without writing a song on this topic! This time Jealousy is a cannibalistic cuissine! Hurray! Declaring lines like “I am more handsome; cut up my face” and what not he reduces himself down to a tasty hacked up meal. This song is not for those of weak heart, or else just never read the translations.

    11: Kuss Mich (Fellfrosch) (Kiss Me {Furfrog}) Ah, an interesting song to say the least. It’s really got a super catchy chorus and has the strangest sound FX I’ve ever heard them use, sounding like a cartoon is playing in the background or something. It’s really catchy and has a great piano/techno mixed solo that lasts a few seconds but is really good! This is a good cruising song. I can totally drive in the car jamming to this- which may not be exactly safe, but is enjoyable.

    And the optional:
    12: Stripped: I believe this is a remake actually, but that doesn’t make it any less good. It’s great- in fact it’s the most addictive of their songs I’ve ever heard. After only listening to it twice I had this song in my head for a week- and so did my sister and brother and they’d only heard it once. It’s catchy and the vocals are really cool. So is the keyboards and the guitars on this song. It’s really was a good choice to cover, if that’s what it is. Another really good techno solo provided by Flake. And TADA! We’re finished; it’s time to push the repeat button and listen to this cd again- trust me, you’ll want to!

    Posted on November 28, 2009