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  • Rammestein is one of the most original hard rock bands in the market. In a music scene where a lot of bands cut and paste from others Rammestein are one of the rare few which stand on their own. Well, when your lead singer sounds like the goddamn cookie monster (Till Lindemann)that can’t really be too hard. But that’s not all. Behind their head stomping, muscular tunes that can make your testorine levels soar into new heighs just through hearing some songs (Try Buck Dich, then you’ll know what I mean) Rammestein are extremly musically talented. With songs liked Engel and DuHast they made the synthesisers their trademark. Also their guitar work is brutal, atmospheric and assault you like a thunderstorm (eg: the opener Sensucht, again Du-Hast and the brilliant Spiel Mit Mir). But all the other reviewers were correct: Live is where Rammestein are at their most brutal best. Their pyrotechnics, the thumping guitars, the eeire synthesisers all coordiante together to create a visual and listening experience I never seen before. Please get the Family Values tour video and see them perform Buck Dicsh. This album made me a true believer in Rammestein, (I purchased their fist album Herezeleid, the following say) and hard rock. They are a very cold breath of fresh air.

    Posted on November 28, 2009