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  • Ok, here the rammstein “du hast” lyrics translatet by a real german ;o)- it`s not easy because the englisch and german gramma is very different. i will try it as an direct translation.

    du (you)
    du hast (you had)
    du hast mich (you had me)
    du hast mich gefragt (you (have) asked me)
    und ich hab nichts gesagt (and i (have) said nothing)

    willst du bist der tod euch scheidet (do you want untill death separetes you)
    treu ihr sein für alle tage? (be faithfull to her for all coming days?)

    nein (No)

    willst du bis zum tod der scheide (do you want untill the vaginas death)
    sie lieben auch in schlechten tagen (love her in bad days too)

    nein (No)

    Hast in german means “have” in the simple past and not “hate” (hasst – two s). But in spoken language it is the same word. So in the lyrics of “du hast” it is a game with words of the musicans. it’s like the game with the words “scheidet” (seperates) and “scheide” (vagina)

    Posted on November 28, 2009