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Serenity in Fire

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  • This album took me by surprise to say the least.I was expecting run of the mill death metal with insanely fast drumming,which sounded ok.As soon as I listened to Serenity In Fire,it just blew me away with its sheer diversity.There is a strong black metal influence in several songs such as “For All Our Sins” and “Under The Bleeding Sun”,and there are songs like “As I Slither” and “The Night They Returned” that are very rhythm oriented,which is going to make these songs very brutal when played live.The drumming on this album is mind blowing,and it sounds like a machine gun very frequently.Even people who don’t like metal,much less extreme metal have dropped their jaws at the speed of the drumming.The drum production is too clicky,but when the music is this good,production doesn’t matter.Kataklysm have really stepped up on this release and shown their superior songwriting skills.Every song is memorable and never fails to keep your attention.Where as I had seen Kataklysm as extremely overrated before this album,now I have a newfound respect for them.Serenity In Fire is easily one of the best releases of the year,and is an essential purchase.I’d even go as far as saying that this would be a great introduction album to real extreme metal for those Nu metal idiots.It has great songwriting skills but still rips your face off at the same time.Get this album now!!!

    Posted on December 3, 2009