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Serenity in Fire

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  • This is my first Kataklysm album and it won’t be my last. I usually hate death metal that has a deep monotone voice but kataklysm’s is tolerable because you can still understand what he says. Plus, there is plenty of higher pitched death vocals to accompay this although it does sound like an angry affleck duck. But the standouts here are the guitar and drums.

    Some of the most slick, most catchy guitar riffs i’ve ever heard are presented on this album. Somehow, their player plays this stuff and keeps it memorable. The riffs are not that brutal at times, adding a hint of melody to it. The drummer is great, some of the fastest double bassing i’ve ever heard. He adds a very very strong back bone to the music and adds to the heaviness to the songs.

    The lyrics are not up to even death metal standards and some of the songs are too short. If they would flesh things out some more, they would be truly great band. All in all, top notch death metal, go buy it. the title track is one of the best death metal songs i’ve heard.

    Posted on December 3, 2009