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Seven Churches

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  • I first saw Possessed in 1984 before Seven Churches was released when they opened for Slayer and Venom at the Stone in SF. They played a 4 song set which included ‘Swing of the Axe’ that only appeared on one of the early Metal Massacre records. They were…unbeleivable then and when Seven Churches came out it killed everything. Nobody had their power. I still beleive ‘Hell Awaits’ is the greatest hardcore metal album ever but it is not Death Metal. Seven Churches spawned the new genre. They predated, Death, Napalm Death, Morbid; everybody and they all sounded like Possessed afterwards. I agree with most reviewers about the poor sound quality but you have to take it into context. Compare this album with anything else at the time and you’ll understand just how GREAT this CD does sound given the times. This band is a one-hit wonder ’cause ‘Beyond the Gates’ sucks and they had no more time to regroup. Larry Lalonde jumped ship to Primus (an obvious good move for him) and Possessed was no more. If you dig today’s death metal then you MUST buy this cd for it’s the root.

    Posted on February 4, 2010